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With SWF Ripper for PC you get:
  • The possibility to rip Flash files and extract their components into various formats. You can later work with these components (images, texts, music, etc.) as separate files;
  • The great possibility to convert SWF files to their source formats - FLA or Flex project files (depending on their source) - and make all necessary changes to them;
  • The convenient option to edit already existing SWF elements without converting SWF to FLA or Flex: images, texts, sounds, gradients, etc.
Rip SWF file

Rip SWF file and extract SWF elements

or how to rip SWF file

SWF ripper allows extracting elements from SWF file to the hard drive and save them in various formats: Flash video can be saved to AVI, MPEG, FLV and FLA; sounds can be extracted to WAV or MP3; images - to PNG, JPEG and BMP; texts - to RTF, TXT and HTML. ActionScript can be extracted to .as, P-code, Hex dump or combined.

Edit SWF file on the go

or how to make changes in SWF on the go

With SWF file ripper for Windows you won't even need to convert SWF files back to FLA in case you want to make some minor changes to them. You can easily replace already existing sounds, images, texts, links, colors and lines on the go inside Flash ripper.

Convert SWF to FLA or Flex project files

or how to recover FLA file

SWF ripper allows not only extracting elements from SWF file and editing it on the go, but also converting the whole SWF file back to its source format: either FLA or Flex project files (depending on where it was initially created). As a result you get the source code of your SWF file and can make all necessary changes to it.

I did try other products before using Flash Decompiler Trillix and chose Trillix because of the variety of things you could use it for. All the other programs were extremely limited.

Rohan Barar

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Izzy La Boy
You can try SWF Ripper free demo and preview the results immediately.